Tarang Academy is leading Classical music academy in India registered Under Government of India with Regd No:DRBG/SOR/1344. It is counted in Best Music Schools of Karnataka and Maharashtra for its training and opportunities. We are working tirelessly to nurture young talents and build pool of professionals. Tarang Academy is founded in year 2006 by Prof. Vishal Modak with an intention to take Indian classical music to world.  With our 12+ years of experience in music industry, we have so far succeded in achieving it with more than 300+ students and more than 50+ performances both in India and abroad. Tarang Academy in association with Prakash Raykar Foundation working to find and uplift young underprivileged talents and give them platform to showcase their skills.

Tarang Academy brings to you music courses of various instruments that are well designed to develop the aspiring musician within you and provide an opportunity to showcase your talent to world. Our unique training methods and best practices guarantee a long term meaningful association with Classical music. We are well known for our e-learning facilities that is for conducting online classes, conducting online exams and certifications.

Our mission is to train students and uplift them so that they can build career in music.

Our vision is to take Indian Classical music to world and train everyone interested in Classical music and help them in building their career.



Prof. Vishal Modak is one of the finest musician and music educator to hail from Belgaum. He is most decorated and a national award winner for Tabla in 2003.”Karnataka Vaibhav” is one to name by Rashtriya Pratishthan. His magic with Tabla made him to travel across India for performances. His name is counted first in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa when talked about Tabla. Learning from many teachers, he has been very successful to carry his knowledge and share with students all across India and world. His online training for students of American, European and African countries are most appreciated by people in industry. Being Co-founder of Tarang Academy, he has trained 300+ students both in India and abroad. His unique way of teaching Tabla keeps you mesmerized for life. Join him and experience the magic.



Mrs Sameera Modak is name that comes on every mind when talked about Hindustani Classical Music. She is well known for versatality in singing classical and non-classical songs. Mrs.Sameera Modak adds “Sangeet Visharad” and “Karnataka Vaibhav” as feathers to her crown of achievements with many other.  Being Co-founder of Tarang Academy, she is playing very important role of teacher to young talents and nurturing them and helping to build their career in music industry. Mrs.Sameera Modak travelled all across country for her solo events and group events.  She has successfully trained150+ in singing and 100+ students in Harmonium both in India and abroad. Her way of singing makes you fall in love with Indian classical music.